ERS has performed tractor-trailer recovery and up-righting operations for many years.  Our air cushion recovery system is located in a self-contained trailer ready to mobilize to an accident location within minutes.  Our certified operators have an extensive background in recovery and accident cleanup operations.  Utilizing large air bags filled with low pressure compressed air allows a safe mechanism to upright loaded tractor-trailers, containers, and heavy equipment.  This system creates a greater lifting area on loaded, overturned trailers providing the perfect mechanism to handle shock sensitive or fragile cargo.  ERS has assisted towing companies and wrecker services during accidents and recovery situations.

Assist during recovery or rescue operations

Lifts & Rolls 100,000 pounds at 9 psi

Performs up-righting operations in locations not accessible by heavy equipment

Assist recovery operations at at locations with challenging topographical conditions

Our Jumbo-Safe Lift Cushion system includes:

Three powerful starter cushions (36" x 36") lifting 24,000 pounds

Five super hi-lift square cushions, 90" high with angled tops and grip face surfaces

Low pressure, high volume air compressor

Eight port distribution valve block with safety overload valves

Two extending safety poles, for safe insertion, positioning, and removal of cushions

6500 watt generator with 4600 watt mobile light system