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Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc. (ERS) has become a leader in the hazardous material (hazmat) emergency response and envrionmental services field.  Originating in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our goal is to provide effective services with a focus on liability reduction for the client.  As our company grows, The ERS Team is committed to ensure that your needs are met safely, legally, effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

ERS has capabilities to respond to many type of emergencies, environmental spills, highway spills, catastrophic events, and disasters. Additional services include HAZMAT emergency response services, hazardous waste site remediation, accident cleanup, air cushion recovery, cargo & product recovery, chemical spill response, chemical transloading, oil spill cleanup, load shift correction, vacuum services, environmental remediation, industrial services, confined space entry and rescue, tank cleaning, tank removal, OSHA training, consulting, waste management, transportation and disposal.

ERS has aligned itself to provide our clients with a vast battery of services encompassing many disciplines within the emergency, environmental, health, safety, transportation, and waste disposal fields.

Emergency Response Telephone Number and Spill Hotline  800-700-0777

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